IT Disaster Recovery

Recovery is an essential part of your disaster recovery program. Appreciate having the full range of options: from offsite backup and recovery to replication and high-availability solutions.

Get a robust disaster recovery plan

As your needs change over time, we'll help you map a path from where you should be today to where you expect to end up tomorrow.

If you are still using tape backups, onsite backups, or haven't yet established an offsite backup and recovery plan that helps you sleep better at night, our data centers can provide offsite backup and recovery options that eliminate the high failure rates of tape backup and shorten your recovery time for both individual files and entire servers.

Fully Encrypted data sent from Online Tech's server stack to an enterprise-class offsite backup grid

When you are ready to add on a warmer level of recovery or high-availability scenarios, talk with us about how replication between our data centers or from your location to ours can improve your organization's resiliency.

Recovery services that fit your unique needs

Whatever your data protection needs, we'll start by understanding your applications and recovery goals. We'll give you a customized proposal with options that will make recovery a realistic capability for your organization.

Once we know the sweet spot for your business in the recovery spectrum, we will work with you to plan and implement the solution. We'll also coordinate annual testing to ensure you have peace of mind that your organization can confidently continue mission-critical operations with minimal impact when the unforeseen strikes.

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