PCI Compliant Hosting

Protecting digital cardholder data requires adherence to all of the PCI DSS data security standards. We undergo annual, independent auditing against all of the PCI DSS protocols required for Level 1 compliance and maintain placement on VISA list of approved vendors. We'll make it easy to stay up to date with patches, and give you options for encrypted offsite backup with real recovery capabilities. Whether you are running your applications in the cloud or on colocated servers, don't take chances on a data breach of cardholder information.

There's no substitute for proactive diligence to avoid penalties and losing consumer trust. Make sure all appropriate safeguards are in place to protect your digital payment information.


PCI Compliant Clouds

Cardholder and other sensitive data can be secure in the cloud, and more highly available, especially when you know the physical location of your data and have evidence of the appropriate safeguards in place. All clouds reside in our high-availability, fully redundant infrastructure - fully owned and managed by Online Tech staff who are trained in security and compliance regularly. Our cloud has encryption built in at the hardware level, which means your sensitive data is protected without sacrificing performance. Putting your applications in the cloud gives you more flexibility with meeting the requirements of offsite backup, and more importantly, more realistic recovery options when the unexpected happens. Find out how safe a cloud can be.

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PCI Compliant Colocation

If you already own servers, elect to manage them yourself, or need a viable compliant and secure offsite backup and recovery location, take advantage of any of our 5 Midwest data centers, fully owned and operated by our compliance and security trained staff. Our complete audit documentation will ease the burden of your own PCI audits and you'll have a responsive partner helping with the infrastructure so you can focus your resources closer to your customers.

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PCI Compliant Dedicated Servers

Enjoy the benefits of fully managed dedicated servers within a PCI compliant environment with fully documented safeguards to protect sensitive data. Our secure, high availability and fully redundant data centers are 100% PCI compliant against the PCI DSS data security standards, as determined by an independent auditor. With offsite backup and cloud-based disaster recovery options, your data and applications are fully protected.

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