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Encryption of Cloud Data

Organizations seeking to protect sensitive and mission-critical data quickly realize that there is no single answer to keep all systems completely secure. Online data security is a complex, rapidly evolving landscape, requiring robust and layered protections. Encryption is one tool in a comprehensive defense-in-depth strategy to mitigate the risk of accidental and intentional data breaches.

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Disaster Recovery

Investing in risk management means investing in business sustainability – designing a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan is about analyzing the impact of a business interruption on revenue.

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Mobile Security

The integration of diverse mobile devices throughout the work environment is both inevitable and enabling. Workflows previously tied to less portable devices can now enjoy free access wherever a wireless signal allows.

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PCI Compliant Hosting

Engaging customers online is a necessity for every business today. Key banking and bill processing transactions are only a mobile app away, making both e-commerce transactions and the the number of end points touching cardholder data prolific. Two primary business drivers impact the data center: security and availability. This white paper describes the impact of PCI DSS compliance on data centers and hosting providers.

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HIPAA Compliant Hosting

The increasing pressure to implement meaningful use, reduce healthcare costs, and improve care outcomes while still protecting patient interests has led to strategic review and overhaul by many healthcare providers and vendors.

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Bandwidth Service

This document provides an overview of Internet bandwidth service. Internet bandwidth is the amount of data transferred between (to and from) the Internet. Understanding the difference between the speed of transferred data and the amount or number of bytes transferred your business requires can help you decide how much bandwidth you need to deploy.

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Disaster Recovery Primer

This IT disaster recovery white paper provides a high level “risk model” for organizations to better manage their IT risks. This white paper also provides guidelines on how to measure risk in an environment with the very real possibility of both minor and major disruptions to their IT services.

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High Availability

This high availability white paper describes the anatomy of a high-availability rack. This paper illustrates how redundant power and network connectivity help ensure a greater level of protection against any single point of failure, resulting in a higher up-time service level. A high-availability rack helps businesses survive network or power failures, keeping computers online and maximizing the potential to generate revenue.

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Colocation is the practice of putting your equipment, generally Internet Servers, into a multi-tenant data center. There are many technical issues involved in designing, building and operating a colocation facility. This colocation paper cover three critical aspects of a co-location facility: the physical space in which the server sits; its connections for power and Internet connectivity; and the services that keep the servers operational.

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Mass Digitization and the Internet

As data and business content becomes digitized and automated, the need to store and manage this data has become eminent. Data is like money, as they both require safe, reliable storage needs. And as data becomes more important to everyday business operations, it is quickly becoming an irreplaceable business asset. To ensure your business’ data is secure, scalable, and reliable, your business needs a data center that provides security, reliability, scalability.

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A Great Track Record

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