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PCI Compliant Hosting Guide

When you outsource your data and/or application hosting to a PCI hosting provider to protect your cardholder data, you need to test the following requirements and sub-requirements that directly reference and apply to working with a service provider.

    • Maintain a list of service providers (12.8.1).

      Keep a current list of vendors and update it whenever you sign with a new provider or end a contract. This can help you keep tabs on your service providers’ audit record for verification of ongoing compliance.


    • Maintain a written agreement with acknowledgement that service providers are responsible for the security of any cardholder data they possess (12.8.2).

      Check your contract for certain key components, such as: 

              • If there’s a data breach on your server, what’s the timeframe and process in which your PCI hosting provider should notify you? 
              • How long should data be retained after your contract expires, and how should it be deleted? 
              • Who has ownership or rights to, and rights to access your data?


    • Ensure there is an established process for engaging service providers, including proper due diligence prior to engagement (12.8.3).

      You can test this sub-requirement by creating an internal procedure document or checklist that can help your company qualify a vendor’s ability to provide a PCI compliant data center and hosting services. Due diligence in the vendor selection process is important to save time and headaches later. Make a note to check your hosting provider’s PCI audit report for the full scope of compliance and to assess what your company still needs to cover for your own compliance.


  • Maintain a way to monitor service provider’s PCI compliance status at least once a year (12.8.4).

    Create a process to automate verification of your hosting providers’ ongoing PCI compliance status by assigning a point of contact to analyze audit reports and keep in touch with their security provider’s security officer to verify dates of compliance.

Avoid penalties from major card-issuers and protect your customer cardholder data with these simple steps of due diligence when it comes to selecting and working with a third-party, PCI compliant hosting provider. Taking advantage of their audit report and attestation of PCI compliance can save you time and money if you first invest in carefully qualifying your provider.

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PCI Compliant Cloud Hosting

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