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Cloud Computing

Five Benefits of Managed Cloud Computing

Sitting between secure, dedicated private cloud computing and open, low cost public cloud hosting is a secure, shared cloud middle ground we call managed cloud hosting.

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Top 5 Tips For Cloud Computing Security

Are you hesitant about adopting cloud computing services into your IT infrastructure? You are not alone. Data security is the leading concern for IT professionals when it comes to cloud computing. Services like Amazons EC2 are simply not equipped to address the security and privacy needs of data-sensitive organizations. 

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What are the Benefits of Private Cloud Computing for Businesses?

A private cloud computing platform is a stack of network, server and storage hardware dedicated to you for the purpose of cloud computing. When a managed cloud computing service is utilized, the stack of hardware becomes a customizable cloud of computing and storage resources that can be configured and re-configured when and as you wish. 

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Top 5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Transition to Private Cloud Computing

One of the biggest IT buzz words of the few years, ‘cloud computing’ has brought incredible promise to the world of information technology. Cloud computing interest has lead to widespread curiosity and awareness of public cloud services. 

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Private Cloud Computing: A Game Changer for Disaster Recovery

Private cloud computing offers a number of significant advantages – including lower costs, faster server deployments, and higher levels of resiliency. What is often over looked is how the Private Cloud can dramatically changes the game for IT disaster recovery in terms of significantly lower costs, faster recovery times, and enhanced testability.

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The Road to the Private Cloud: How To Make The Transition

The Private Cloud Challenge: Where to Start?

While the concept of the private cloud is new to the world of Information Technology, it is not uncommon for companies to now fully realize the benefits of moving off of traditional server infrastructure to one that provides the flexibility and redundancy of the private cloud. 

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PCI Compliant Cloud Hosting

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