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The challenge

MDwise is a nonprofit health maintenance organization focused on providing health coverage to Indiana individuals and their families. They currently provide coverage to more than 350,000 members through a broad network of primary medical providers, hospitals, specialists and other providers.

Stringent laws in Indiana require all healthcare related information to be stored for at least seven years, and in some cases, 10 years. MDwise was struggling to retain and archive their data in a way that was effective, easily accessible, and cost effective to meet federal HIPAA regulations. According to John Goerges, Director of IT at MDwise, their previous backup strategy created a vendor lock-in, and they were constantly increasing the space on their external hard drives as their data grew.

"We were at a point where we were ready to look at something different," he said.

MDwise needed a new HIPAA compliant backup and DR strategy right away. Key factors in their new solution included the ability to grow their data footprint without increasing their storage use, and the ability to view all their systems in a single portal.

The solution

MDwise chose Online Tech's Data Protection as a Service (DPaaS). Using software from partner Actifio, OT DPaaS restores large files faster and more frequently than traditional backup, with no proprietary deduplication of data. In addition, clients can choose their own backup windows, and data is retrievable within hours rather than days. MDwise also paired Online Tech's DPaaS with their Disaster Recovery as a Service solution, giving them a strong business continuity strategy.

"We went with Online Tech because we're very data driven company, and we have a need for security and HIPAA compliancy--that was a big thing for us," Goerges said. "We chose them because of the efficiency of their solutions, fully redundant data center, cost, and most importantly, their focus on compliance."

Online Tech has been annually independently audited against HIPAA standards, and was the first data center operator in Michigan to successfully pass a HIPAA audit with 100 percent compliance. Online Tech also regularly reports against PCI DSS, SSAE 16/SOC1 and SOC 2 standards.

"Because we were managing our own servers, we had to jump through a bunch of hoops and loops for compliancy audits. It was just a lot of redundant work." Goerges said. "With Online Tech, everything is ready for us. I can ask for the last SOC report or HIPAA report, and everything is met. That saves time on our local systems and engineers so they can focus on their job and not worry about some of these audits."


With Online Tech's disaster recovery and data protection products, MDwise found the IT partner that provided them the flexible solution they were looking for. They avoided vendor lock-in, and can be sure they're fully compliant with state and federal law. Finally, Online Tech's fully managed, fully compliant services means MDwise can focus on mission critical projects instead of worrying about the health and integrity of their data and systems.

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ModuleMD: A Cloud Case Study

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ModuleMD is an innovator in the healthcare industry, providing cloud-based electronic health records, practice management and data interoperability solutions. They also provide comprehensive medical billing and revenue management services. Before ModuleMD came to Online Tech, they were experiencing rapid business growth and demand that their current provider could not keep up with.

ModuleMD needed to meet specific business objectives quickly and started searching for a new provider. In 2011, ModuleMD sought to offer a more robust HIPAA secure data storage environment for its customers and needed an IT partner with extensive knowledge of HIPAA and HITECH requirements surrounding data storage, retrieval, security, disaster recovery and redundancy, to meet the demands of their growing healthcare business. According to Chandil Pinchi, Chief Information Officer of ModuleMD, they required a Michigan-based provider who thoroughly understood and complied with HIPAA and HITECH regulations to help them keep their data secure yet highly available. They also wanted someone who could grow with the company.


ModuleMD chose Online Tech’s dedicated private cloud for their fully managed, high availability environment that 100 percent complies with HIPAA requirements. They started with a single email server and continued to gradually move more infrastructure until their entire production environment was at Online Tech, upgraded to a virtual private cloud solution. Online Tech’s virtual private cloud offers the same security and performance but with no hardware configurations and gives the client the ability to assign cloud resources as they see fit, if they wish to do so. Pinchi said Online Tech’s highly available, HIPAA compliant architecture and close proximity was a natural fit for his company.

“Online Tech’s HIPAA compliance was a big positive for us, because the healthcare industry and the people among the community are really concerned about that,” he said. “We feel there is a lot of value that Online Tech provides and as an early adapter of healthcare data security and privacy compliance, their services ended up being a perfect fit for us."

ModuleMD’s data storage environment is managed by Online Tech at their Mid-Michigan and Indianapolis data centers, so Pinchi and his team can rest easy knowing that vital server updates and monitoring is being done for them.

“The fact that Online Tech manages all our production infrastructure for us has helped big time,” Pinchi said. “Since we have moved everything over, our experience with Online Tech has been smooth.”


ModuleMD is looking to solve is reducing their data footprint while maintaining smooth interoperability for their clients. They are currently considering using Online Tech’s Data Protection as a Service, which would allow ModuleMD to retrieve fresh database copies at a faster rate while reducing their storage usage.


With Online Tech, ModuleMD found a Michigan-based service provider that had the reliable infrastructure and secure, compliant data center facilities they required. They can continue to serve their growing client base and ensure continued data interoperability, software and other value-added services to the healthcare industry. Thanks to Online Tech’s fully managed services, ModuleMD has seen their failure times reduced and there has been much less stress for their IT support team as well as reduced support ticket times.

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Milhaus: A Disaster Recovery as a Service case study

Milhaus Logo


Milhaus is a mixed-use housing developer based in Indianapolis, Ind., that designs, builds and manages luxury apartments in urban areas. One of the fastest growing companies in Indianapolis, Milhaus recently rebuilt its IT infrastructure to better facilitate business growth and was looking to protect critical business services to prevent a major business interruption.

To meet its business objectives, Milhaus started researching disaster recovery solutions and providers in late 2015. According to Steve Werner, Director of Technology at Milhaus, they wanted a local provider who could reduce their recovery point objective from a week to less than 24 hours. They were also looking for a strategic IT partner in which they could expand or move their production to in the future.


Milhaus decided to use Online Tech’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution. OT DRaaS protects data by capturing every write-to-disk at the hypervisor level, without agents on the machine. This means no added threat to the security of any data, regardless of whether it’s in transit or at rest. Critical systems can be restored in minutes, and OT DRaaS provides a three-click failover in the event of a disaster.

According to Werner, Milhaus chose Online Tech’s solution not just for the simplicity of the technology. The company also wanted a provider that could architect a complete solution that met or exceeded their RPO requirement, as well as the technical expertise to implement it. Online Tech’s geographical diversity and an easy-to-use portal were also key considerations in their decision.

The combination of Online Tech’s experience and expertise with Zerto has been great for Werner. “I just have a few clicks of a button, and I can access my server and get it up and running,” he said. “It’s hard for a lot of other providers to say, ‘We’ll get your servers back in an hour.’ Zerto and Online Tech can do that.” In fact, with OT DRaaS, Milhaus’ recovery servers can be spun up as fast as their internal production servers.

Milhaus completed a successful failover test on Dec. 10, 2016. “We wanted it to be quick and easy,” Werner said. “It’s almost hard to believe how quick it works.”

There were some technical hurdles during the replication, but Online Tech and Zerto’s world-class support was there every step of the way and helped with any questions or concerns Milhaus had. “We look forward to doing another test mid-year and again at the end of the year,” Werner said.


With their deployment of Online Tech’s OT DRaaS, Milhaus reached a major business goal. Critical services such as telecommunications and accounting systems can quickly and easily be restored. Werner is confident Milhaus has mitigated the risk from ransomware, malware or anything that could shut down the network. They can now fail over and back from a hypervisor environment to VMware—something he’s found that no other provider can offer.

To download a pdf version of this case study, click here.

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KellyConnect: A Cloud Hosting Case Study THE CHALLENGE

KellyConnect® is a BPO Contact Center and IT Help Desk practice of Kelly Services®. In 2015, as KellyConnect’s client needs grew, the company realized its current infrastructure couldn’t possibly handle the new demand placed upon it. The KellyConnect team wanted to improve their server and network capability in a way that would allow for future growth without having to worry about managing the staff, resources, equipment, and time that would be associated with such growth.

 “We reached out to Online Tech to engage their expertise,” said Sandi Alward-Bury, Director, Technology and Operations for KellyConnect. “We really wanted someone who was going to take care of the infrastructure and all that is associated with it while designing a solution to support our business model.”


Online Tech designed a comprehensive solution in two weeks that completely overhauled KellyConnect’s infrastructure, increased their storage space and network capacity, and added flexibility. They placed KellyConnect's servers in the cloud and moved their entire environment from a physical to a virtual one.

“We knew our needs were going to double this year,” Valerie Wyson, KellyConnect IT Service Manager, said. “A scalable, cloud-based environment was the perfect solution for KellyConnect.”

The solution was proposed in February, and quickly put into action. After financial approval was obtained in April, the technical changes were implemented in July and finished by August.

“The solution was quite encompassing, very flexible,” Valerie said.

Because the new environment is entirely virtual, the ease of upgrading was immediately apparent. Online Tech designed the new infrastructure to allow for current growth as well as doubling or tripling potential future requirements, all without needing to swap out physical equipment.

“The production impact to existing customers is non-existent,” Valerie said. “Memory, CPU and hard disk upgrades are easily managed with just the click of a button without disrupting any service.”

Valerie continued, “Online Tech is a true partner. As our needs have changed, Online Tech has always been there and consistently shown us that they are looking out for our best interests. Our needs have constantly changed, and Online Tech has been flexible and looking out for us. They strive to recommend proactive solutions even before we are aware of the need for change.”

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Nonprofit Enterprise at Work – A Virtualized Desktop Case Study  


After working with their nonprofits, NEW discovered that many of their small and medium-sized clients did not have the funding or resources for IT equipment or staff to operate effectively in a technology-driven business landscape. In fact, many nonprofits did not even have access to the Internet nor did they have basic office functions like email, shared files, secure data backup or remote access.

As a way to provide nonprofits essential technology support and infrastructure, NEW developed the program, npServ. npServ helps nonprofits cut IT costs, operate more efficiently and stay focused on their missions. “The idea behind npServ is to go into an organization, install relatively unique IT systems and manage them remotely from our locations,” says Neel Hajra, NEW President and CEO.


The npServ program is essentially a virtualized desktop platform using a combination of open source office technologies hosted at Online Tech’s SAS-70 certified data centers. The open source desktop virtualization uses older, cost effective desktops to connect through a portal to the hosted servers. Nonprofits can avoid purchasing expensive workstations and having to replace hardware when it becomes obsolete by moving to npServ’s thin client devices. With npServ, a single server hosted at Online Tech runs all of the different working environments for all of their clients’ workstations. Plus, the thin client model reduces NEW’s maintenance costs and makes it easier to support their customers remotely. NEW is able to serve more nonprofits and support them at a price point lower than they expect to pay for other IT services.

While developing npServ, NEW realized that they would need an enterprise-level server infrastructure to support the program. npServ would require a centralized server in a secure data center for all of their nonprofit’s data to be backed up and stored. With these technical requirements, NEW realized that they had to go beyond the usual nonprofit “mom and pop” solution. They would require a managed server with 24x7 support.


“We knew that we needed a world class data center with world class service and support and Online Tech is the leading managed data center operator in Michigan,” says Hajra. Through a generous grant, Online Tech agreed to provide managed dedicated servers and back-up services to NEW and their nonprofits.

NEW recently aided a Detroit-area nonprofit who had been without email for a week and no access to their server. It had become nearly impossible for this organization to continue to serve their community without access to documents and email.

“As we started troubleshooting and eventually added them to our Linux thin client program, we learned that data security was a sensitive issue for the organization. Not only was there data that needed to be HIPAA compliant, but like many nonprofits, there was staff turnover creating an increasingly difficult challenge in maintaining institutional memory,” says Linh Song, Director of npServ. Installing a fileserver with different permissions was a first step for the organization. But more importantly, this organization needed to make sure their critical data was saved and secure offsite. NEW was able to get this organization back up and running and set them up in Online Tech’s secure HIPAA compliant data center.

“It is nice to work with experts in the field who are the best in the business,” says Hajra. “From Yan Ness (Online Tech’s CEO) down to the support staff our team works with, we get treated like every one of other Online Tech’s clients even though we are a relatively small nonprofit. We have been really happy with the support and it has given us the confidence to expand and grow knowing we have a strong data center partnership backing us up.” In fact, Hajra has found that when NEW talks with potential nonprofit partners they are always reassured that npServ is supported by a world class managed data center operator like Online Tech.

ABOUT NEW (Nonprofit Enterprise at Work)

NEW (Nonprofit Enterprise at Work) is a management support organization that helps nonprofits succeed by strengthening nonprofit management and offering solutions to issues facing the nonprofit community. Since its founding in 1993, NEW has developed and delivered programming to meet the changing needs for 600 nonprofits across southeast Michigan. NEW currently offers four programs to their nonprofit customers including npServ,™ a shared IT services platform.


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Healthmaster – A Software-as-a-Service Case Study  


Healthmaster was experiencing the same pressures as many other software companies. School districts were asking Healthmaster to move to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Smaller districts did not want to invest in the IT infrastructure required to run their client server application. By moving to the SaaS model, school districts could eliminate the up front licensing fees, server hardware purchases, and the bureaucratic obstacles involved in deploying new software through in-house IT teams.

One of the challenges Healthmaster faced with moving to the SaaS model was finding a hosting infrastructure that could offer 24x7 availability and meet their security requirements. After researching a number of different hosting options, Healthmaster selected Online Tech’s managed dedicated servers to host HealthOffice, their enterprise software solution that automates school health offices.


“We selected Online Tech as our SaaS hosting partner to meet the demands of our growing school district customer base,” says Martin Smith, CEO of Healthmaster. “Online Tech’s HIPAA compliant world class data centers deliver the high level of assurance that our web-based student health application will always be online and available to our customers.”

Since Healthmaster deals with medical records and is in the K-12 school environment, there were several FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) law requirements. Online Tech offered all the environmental security, digital protection security, and tracking of system access log ins needed to meet these compliance requirements as a direct result of a long legacy of independent compliance audits including SAS 70, SSAE 16, SOC 1 2 3, and HIPAA.

As part of the agreement, Online Tech is delivering the entire SaaS hosting platform including fully managed hardware servers, 24x7 monitoring, operating system upgrades and complete management of any server issue that might arise. Each of Healthmaster’s servers are housed in one of Online Tech’s data centers designed to anticipate every potential power or network failures to eliminate the risk of any outage.

“Our partnership has benefited us greatly,” says Steve McGovern, Director of IT. “Online Tech has allowed us to meet our customers’ needs. In addition, Online Tech has allowed us the high availability and the ability to scale and expand our product lines for the future.”


  • Meet customer demands by offering SaaS model
  • Ability to scale and expand product lines
  • Met HIPAA and FERPA law requirements including environmental security & digital protection security


Healthmaster has become the worldwide leader in providing electronic medical record software and Medicaid billing for schools. As school districts recognize that educators are becoming community partners in assuring the proper health maintenance and welfare of school-aged children; districts are realizing the importance of electronic student health record documentation along with the financial benefits and legal liabilities. Healthmaster has worked with school districts across the country to deliver cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions to school nurses, special education service providers and health care professionals.

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DataMail – An IT Disaster Recovery Case Study  


As DataMail’s business grew with an expanded customer base, their IT infrastructure started to take on a more critical role in the organization. DataMail wanted to improve their IT disaster recovery capabilities to support their customers and protect critical IT processes. Their first step was to move their servers to separate SAS 70 certified, managed data centers. This allowed them to have data replication across two separate locations with different power and network feeds to protect against power or network outages, and meet the security standards for their clients who serve the financial industry.



“We had to find a company that we could rely on. That’s where Online Tech fits in,” says William Hayden, DataMail’s President and CEO. “We could have never done this on our own. For the past 7 years, we have been able to leverage Online Tech’s separate facilities and services at a very reasonable cost.”

With the help of Online Tech, DataMail designed an IT disaster recovery system capable of automatic recovery to a separate data center in less than 60 seconds. DataMail is hosting their customer-facing systems at Online Tech’s Mid-Michigan Data Center and running their disaster recovery servers in the Ann Arbor, Michigan data center 53 miles away. The data are replicated between the data centers using Double-Take Software’s Double-Take® Availability solution, which provides high availability and failover for physical and virtual servers.

Online Tech provides automatic IP failover that allows the IP addresses of the hosted system to migrate to the second data center should the server or connection to the primary data center fail. Because Online Tech’s data centers are interconnected with Gigabit fiber, the failover is nearly instantaneous and does not require DNS reassignment.

“We originally selected Online Tech in 2003 for our customer-facing production servers,” says David Sikina, Director of IT for DataMail Services. “Since that time, we have had a very positive, long term partnership. Online Tech’s second data center offers excellent geographic separation, power from a different grid, and near-instant network failover. Online Tech meets all of our requirements for our disaster recovery plan.” “Since we work with financial institutions’ data and records we need to host our servers in SAS 70 certified data centers. Our auditors took a detailed look at Online Tech’s SAS 70 audit report and found that Online Tech met every one of our data security and data center management processes,” notes Sikina.

SAS 70 is a nationally recognized audit standard for evaluating the process and security control procedures across the data center that is required by Sarbanes-Oxley. The SAS 70 designation demonstrates that the data center has the proper controls and procedures around physical and network security, environmental controls, system availability and performance and those controls have been followed consistently over time.


DataMail is a full service statement processing company servicing over 250 credit unions across the country. They provide traditional printed statements and electronic document delivery, presentation and archiving for financial institutions. DataMail helps their business partners reduce their costs and improve their marketing methodologies while taking advantage of new technologies and services.

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Two Men and A Truck - A Managed Colocation Case Study THE CHALLENGE

As part of their five-year strategic business plan, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK decided to incorporate technology to grow their business. One part of their plan was to implement a new centralized Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to help them grow the number of franchises and improve franchises’ productivity. Unlike some in-house ERP systems, the new system had to be available 24X7 to serve their 200 franchises in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom and Ireland. When they looked internally at their onsite data center management and technology resources, they realized that they could not reliably meet the 7X24X365 uptime and service requirements to support all of their franchises.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK required managed data center services that provided enterprise-level power delivery and back-up, Internet connectivity, off-site IT disaster recovery, and on-site staff to support their server infrastructure. The managed data center had to deliver more than basic colocation; it had to have processes and procedures to ensure data security and meet requirements of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK’s global structure. Beyond the technical requirements, the leadership looked for a managed data center company to partner with whom they could build a long-term trusting relationship.


“We are not in the data center management business. It made much more sense for us to find a strategic partner to help manage our IT infrastructure and data center services,” says Barb Dawson, Vice President of Information Technology at TWO MEN AND A TRUCK.


After a very comprehensive and lengthy RFP interview process, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK selected Online Tech as their managed data center partner. Their decision was based on Online Tech’s technical knowledge, business structure, customer technical support as well as a good cultural fit. “Ultimately, Online Tech proved to be very flexible in their solution offerings unlike other data centers. Secondly Online Tech demonstrated that they understood the small and medium-sized business,” says Dawson.

By selecting Online Tech’s managed colocation services, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK was able to upgrade to a managed data center with a fully redundant power and network infrastructure. They chose Online Tech’s high availability power and network solutions with no single point of failure in the power or network delivery – assuring a very high level of server uptime.

“When a company outsources something critical to a business like data, it has to be done right. If it is not done right, it could ruin our business,” said Greg Young, IT Project and Operations Manager for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK. “Online Tech demonstrated it can get it done right - from the quality of their managed data centers to the professionalism of their staff. They have a good understanding of our type of company and our IT services and support functions. Their technical staff was very responsive with answers to our questions. Quite frankly, Online Tech has met and exceeded all of our expectations.”


TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is the largest franchised moving company in the U.S. with more than 200 locations. The company started in the early 1980s in Okemos, Mich., as a way for two brothers in high school to earn extra money. It now has franchises worldwide and more than 1,200 trucks on the road. In addition to moving services, franchises offer packing services and sell boxes and packing supplies.


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Biotronic – A Server Colocation, Remote Offsite Backup and IT Disaster Recovery Case Study  


Biotronic provides neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring services for hospitals across the United States. Hospitals, physicians, and patients count on Biotronic to report any changes in the brain’s neural signals during surgery. So Biotronic needed to make certain that their systems were up and running with no downtime.

As a growing company, Biotronic also began to realize that their corporate headquarters did not provide enough space for their increasing server environment. Other challenges they were facing were inadequate air conditioning as well as unstable power and internet connections.


Biotronic could not justify the capital costs to update or build a new data center. It was much more cost effective to outsource their IT infrastructure to a managed data center that already had the appropriate cooling, power and redundancy in place. In addition to giving Biotronic an ideal environment for their production servers, Online Tech’s unique advantage with separate data centers over 50 miles apart with separate power grids and network feeds, but connected by high-speed direct cable, offers Biotronic ideal secure and fast offsite backup and IT disaster recovery options. The combination of Online Tech’s high availability data centers for both production and offsite IT disaster recovery bring great value to Biotronic.

Besides the uptime and infrastructure requirements, Biotronic needed a SAS 70 certified data center to satisfy HIPAA compliance standards for patient privacy and data security. The SAS 70 audit is a nationally recognized standard for evaluating the process and security control procedures across the data center that is required by Sarbanes-Oxley. The SAS 70 certification demonstrates that the data center has the proper controls and procedures around physical and network security, environmental controls, system availability and performance and confirms that those controls have been followed consistently over time.


Biotronic looked at several vendors before selecting Online Tech’s SAS 70 certified data centers. Judson Pitt, Biotronic CIO, found that Online Tech offered more personalized service than larger managed data center providers. “From the very beginning, I experienced very personalized service and support from Online Tech’s technical staff as well as their executive team. I didn’t feel like a number to Online Tech. When I contacted the operations staff, they knew who I was, calling me by name. I didn’t feel like I would get the same type of personalized service with other data centers than I did with Online Tech,” says Pitt.

They chose Online Tech’s high availability power architecture with no single point of failure in the power delivery – assuring a very high level of server up-time. Online Tech delivers HIPAA compliant hosting in their SAS 70 certified data center with all of the physical and network security features required to assure that an organization can comply with the HIPAA data privacy requirements.

“I can sleep soundly at night knowing that everything is running smoothly. With Online Tech’s SAS 70 certification I know everything is secure. The redundancy, power and battery backups, and people onsite gives me the confidence that everything will be up and running,” says Pitt.

Biotronic chose a hybrid model, hosting some services in the cloud and keeping certain data and applications local. With maintenance and upgrades managed entirely by Online Tech, Biotronic can host their data without safely and without worry.


Biotronic is one of the oldest, largest, and most respected providers of neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring services in the country. They work with more than 400 hospitals and over 850 physicians throughout the United States, and have over 175 neural monitoring technologists located around the country. Their success is a direct result of high-quality and cost-effective intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring services.


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Rimage Solutions – An Encrypted Cloud SaaS Solution THE CHALLENGE

Rimage Solutions is a “dream” business founded by Malay Shah, an IT professional, and his wife, Rupal Shah, who works in the healthcare industry. When Barack Obama was elected President on the promise of healthcare reform, the couple realized the time was right to merge their expertise.

They gathered seed money from friends to begin providing web-based software solutions to the healthcare and legal industries and had initial success developing a portal for a dental insurance company that led to more clients and more projects. When the formation of accountable care organizations (ACO) began, the Shahs saw a whole new market emerging. Well, at least Rupal Shah did.


“Being an IT guy, I didn't have much clue what it's all about. But (Rupal) could see that this market is evolving toward data analytics, toward a management of healthcare in a centralized way across the board in different practices, rather than the data being held in small silos in either provider offices or in the hospitals,” Malay Shah said. “Time is changing. It's time to share the data. That's where the real transformation is going to happen. That brought us into this company that we call Rimage Solutions.”

An ACO is a group of coordinated healthcare providers characterized by a payment and care delivery model that seeks to tie provider reimbursements to quality metrics and reductions in the total cost of care for an assigned population of patients. Each ACO needs to share data within its group of providers, but each ACO is also as different as the organizations within in. That’s where Rimage Solutions comes in.

“We are custom software developers. What we do is we have a Software-as-a-Service product, which is our platform,” Shah said. “We take it to the accountable care orgs and each of these, being different in nature, and we customize that product for them so that it fits into their own work flows. That's our specialty.”

Of course, there are challenges and risks associated with working in the healthcare space.

“The biggest … challenges are, first of all, compliance with HIPAA. What we are typically seeing in a few cases, small mistakes made by the IT departments can land the company in huge trouble. If you just look at the amount of the fines per incident, it can amount to $1.2 million per incident,” Shah said.

“Rather than take the risk, it's better to partner with a strong IT hosting company who knows what they are doing, who are alert, who are vigilant about the different threats in the industry, and there's enough monitoring out there. That's what we see as a better option for companies like us.”


Rimage Solutions partnered with Online Tech to host the cloud-based health information exchange (HIE) that it offers to all of its ACO customers and its managed care customers, such as independent physician associations and healthcare management services organizations.

With Online Tech’s HIPAA-compliant data centers annually passing a HIPAA audit with 100-percent compliance against OCR Audit Protocol, Shah says using Online Tech’s completely encrypted cloud architecture gives his client both peace of mind and a break in the pocketbook.

“If you look into the HITECH regulations, there is a mandate about data being encrypted in transit. There's mandate about data being encrypted at rest. So there has to be some firewalls. Software and hardware firewalls. And of course there has to be 24-by-seven monitoring around your environment,” Shah said. “This kind of end-to-end solution for a small managed care entity with 25 or 30 people who are our typical clients, they don't have the budgets for that. That's why this kind of arrangement is the way to go for these kind of partnerships.”

“The value it brings from the result of the threat is that they don't have to invest a single penny in the IT infrastructure. By virtue of this strong partnership, we are able to offer them a cloud-based software portal. They just have to log in and start using it. Compared to the days 10 or 15 years back when huge IT investments in servers and the licenses had to be made, these days, cloud computing has made it much easier.”

Online Tech also offers true scalability within its secure, encrypted cloud architecture – which was beneficial when Rimage Solutions grew from 5,000 to 50,000 beneficiaries in one year. “It’s easy to just slide a few buttons here and there and increase your capacity,” Shah said.

Another reason Shah opted to partner with Online Tech was location. Based in Central Florida, he investigated some local hosting options. “A few years back we saw a Category 5 hurricane and quite a few data centers went down. For us, with the growth that we have seen, with the multitude of clients we have, we didn’t want to take that risk.”

Online Tech is based in Michigan, which has the lowest frequency and severity of natural disasters in the nation.


  • A HIPAA compliant data center and encrypted, enterprise-class cloud infrastructure without the hardware investment.
  • Data center location has the lowest frequency and severity of natural disasters in the nation.
  • A data center that offers high availability and an offsite IT disaster recovery solution..
  • Personalized service and support from Online Tech’s technical team.


Rimage Solutions is the premier provider of web solutions for healthcare and legal industries. Our focus is on providing our clients with powerful, flexible and scalable software solutions that increase their operational efficiency, strengthen their customer relationships, and improve their productivity. Visit for more information.

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