VersaIMAGE – A Document Image SaaS Case Study


VersaIMAGE developed VersaIMAGE-WEB as a low cost SaaS document management system. They transformed their entire document management system to an Internet-based application to remove the obstacles their clients faced in purchasing and managing their own hardware, software, and backup systems.

However as they moved to deliver a 24x7 Internet-based solution, VersaIMAGE knew that their New York-based data center wasn’t up to the job because of the downtime issues caused by ongoing power and communication problems. They decided to upgrade their data center in order to ensure their new SaaS application was available around the clock.

They wanted to partner with a managed data center operator that could deliver top notch security, SAS 70 certification and had a HIPAA compliant environment. They also needed to work with a data center that had superior customer support and the ability to remotely back up data to an offsite facility.


“When we were looking for a SaaS hosting partner, Online Tech was the only Michigan data center operator that had 2 data centers on 2 separate power grids, supported by different utility providers. With this type of redundancy, we are confident that our customer data is 100% secure and will always be online and available,” said Alex Brunner, VersaIMAGE CEO.

Online Tech’s two datacenters (located 53 miles apart) are ideally located for data backup and IT disaster recovery. The data centers are on two separate power grids and supported by two different utility providers. The data centers are interconnected through a Gigabit fiber connection, making it easy to back up data between locations for disaster recovery.

VersaIMAGE uses Online Tech’s managed dedicated servers to host their SaaS application in its SAS 70 secure data centers. Online Tech’s managed  dedicated servers include fully configured servers, around-the-clock server monitoring, first responder service to any issue that might arise, and 24x7 hands-on support. VersaIMAGE is protecting its data by automatically backing up to Online Tech’s second data center.

“With the cost-effective, secure SaaS hosting solutions that Online Tech offers, it made little sense to try to do this on our own. It allowed us to pass the savings onto our clients, resulting in cost-competitive solutions, ” says Brunner. “Online Tech has taken care of everything for us – letting us focus on where we add the greatest value – our imaging and document management applications. We don’t have to spend a second worrying about our hardware, network or backups.”

ABOUT VersaImage

VersaIMAGE Software Corporation develops, markets and distributes powerful yet very affordable document imaging software for small to medium sized businesses. VersaIMAGE cuts costs for government agencies, financial, real estate, manufacturing and health care institutions by moving from paper to electronic records. VersaIMAGE-Web, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) document management system, makes it easy to securely scan, store, and retrieve records over the Internet helping their customers reduce costs associated with paper, file storage, and retrieval time. For more information, visit

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