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Develop a personalized data center solution with a like-minded partner.

United Bank & Trust, an Ann Arbor, Michigan-based bank, was founded on a desire to help its neighbors make thebest financial decisions for their personal and business needs, all the while keeping their money working for the community in which they live.

Everyone from homebuyers to businesses to college-bound students have been turning to the bank for the past 120 years to help bring dreams to life. In turn, the bank has flourished. United Bank & Trust now stretches its 18 branches across four counties and boasts nearly $1 billion in assets.


In order to continue serving as a local solutions partner, and adhere to its promise to be "unlimited in our capacity," the bank realized a need to enhance its data storage capabilities.

"We had a limited data center with aging equipment, and we wanted to put ourselves into a data center situation where we had modern capabilities," said Don Griffiths, Senior Vice President fo the bank's information technology division.

Like its customers, the company sought a personalized solution: one that offered redundancy in power and connectivity, as well as scalability for future growth.

Griffiths looked into the options. "It became clear pretty quickly that to build a data center of the caliber of the professional data centers that are available out there now is not something that an institution of our size can aspire to," he said.


Partnering with Online Tech allows us to better serve our customers.

In need of a solutions partner, United Bank & Trust went looking for the other half of the equation.

"There was a real difference between the big ones and the smaller ones, especially between the big ones and Onlie Tech," Griffiths said.

Some of the competitors didn't event seem to read United Bank & Trust's documentation. Instead, he was told, "This is what we have, you're going to love it." Or, companies would offer a blank slate and say, "We can do whatever you want."

Online Tech offered a middle ground. It explained what solutions had worked with other clients and then developed a personalized solution for United Bank & Trust based upon experience.

"We really felt with Online Tech that they came to use with a solid product offering, and then they took our input and made that product offering fit our needs," said Griffiths. "Like any other organization, we expect to grow. What was important to us is have the ability and scalability to expand quickly should those opportunities present themselves."

"We feel good about having a partner that can help us in that space."

Online Tech and United Bank & Trust had found a solution together. Not only that, but Griffiths liked how the data management company sought to keep a relationship going through learning opportunities like Online Tech's ongoing seminars and webinars on security and technology.

"You can do the numbers; you can think about the product and services that each vendor brings, buth I think you want to find somebody that culturally lines up with you," said Griffiths. "That's why we quickly elminiated some of the national players."

"We found that Online Tech was a really good fit for us."


  • Multiple generators and "back-ups for everything" ensure United Bank & Trust systems will always be running.
  • Online Tech offers impressive warehouse security measures and safeguards.
  • Every audit is managed independently by a third-party, which makes for a true partnership.


United Bank & Trust is a community-based financial services company located in Washtenaw, Lenawee, Livingstono and Monroe counties in Michigan. The bank provides financial solutions to our clients based on their unique circumstances and needs, through a line of business delivery systems that includes banking, mortgage, structured finance and wealth management. For more information, visit the bank's website www.ubat.com.

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