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Rimage Solutions is a “dream” business founded by Malay Shah, an IT professional, and his wife, Rupal Shah, who works in the healthcare industry. When Barack Obama was elected President on the promise of healthcare reform, the couple realized the time was right to merge their expertise.

They gathered seed money from friends to begin providing web-based software solutions to the healthcare and legal industries and had initial success developing a portal for a dental insurance company that led to more clients and more projects. When the formation of accountable care organizations (ACO) began, the Shahs saw a whole new market emerging. Well, at least Rupal Shah did.


“Being an IT guy, I didn't have much clue what it's all about. But (Rupal) could see that this market is evolving toward data analytics, toward a management of healthcare in a centralized way across the board in different practices, rather than the data being held in small silos in either provider offices or in the hospitals,” Malay Shah said. “Time is changing. It's time to share the data. That's where the real transformation is going to happen. That brought us into this company that we call Rimage Solutions.”

An ACO is a group of coordinated healthcare providers characterized by a payment and care delivery model that seeks to tie provider reimbursements to quality metrics and reductions in the total cost of care for an assigned population of patients. Each ACO needs to share data within its group of providers, but each ACO is also as different as the organizations within in. That’s where Rimage Solutions comes in.

“We are custom software developers. What we do is we have a Software-as-a-Service product, which is our platform,” Shah said. “We take it to the accountable care orgs and each of these, being different in nature, and we customize that product for them so that it fits into their own work flows. That's our specialty.”

Of course, there are challenges and risks associated with working in the healthcare space.

“The biggest … challenges are, first of all, compliance with HIPAA. What we are typically seeing in a few cases, small mistakes made by the IT departments can land the company in huge trouble. If you just look at the amount of the fines per incident, it can amount to $1.2 million per incident,” Shah said.

“Rather than take the risk, it's better to partner with a strong IT hosting company who knows what they are doing, who are alert, who are vigilant about the different threats in the industry, and there's enough monitoring out there. That's what we see as a better option for companies like us.”


Rimage Solutions partnered with Online Tech to host the cloud-based health information exchange (HIE) that it offers to all of its ACO customers and its managed care customers, such as independent physician associations and healthcare management services organizations.

With Online Tech’s HIPAA-compliant data centers annually passing a HIPAA audit with 100-percent compliance against OCR Audit Protocol, Shah says using Online Tech’s completely encrypted cloud architecture gives his client both peace of mind and a break in the pocketbook.

“If you look into the HITECH regulations, there is a mandate about data being encrypted in transit. There's mandate about data being encrypted at rest. So there has to be some firewalls. Software and hardware firewalls. And of course there has to be 24-by-seven monitoring around your environment,” Shah said. “This kind of end-to-end solution for a small managed care entity with 25 or 30 people who are our typical clients, they don't have the budgets for that. That's why this kind of arrangement is the way to go for these kind of partnerships.”

“The value it brings from the result of the threat is that they don't have to invest a single penny in the IT infrastructure. By virtue of this strong partnership, we are able to offer them a cloud-based software portal. They just have to log in and start using it. Compared to the days 10 or 15 years back when huge IT investments in servers and the licenses had to be made, these days, cloud computing has made it much easier.”

Online Tech also offers true scalability within its secure, encrypted cloud architecture – which was beneficial when Rimage Solutions grew from 5,000 to 50,000 beneficiaries in one year. “It’s easy to just slide a few buttons here and there and increase your capacity,” Shah said.

Another reason Shah opted to partner with Online Tech was location. Based in Central Florida, he investigated some local hosting options. “A few years back we saw a Category 5 hurricane and quite a few data centers went down. For us, with the growth that we have seen, with the multitude of clients we have, we didn’t want to take that risk.”

Online Tech is based in Michigan, which has the lowest frequency and severity of natural disasters in the nation.


  • A HIPAA compliant data center and encrypted, enterprise-class cloud infrastructure without the hardware investment.
  • Data center location has the lowest frequency and severity of natural disasters in the nation.
  • A data center that offers high availability and an offsite IT disaster recovery solution..
  • Personalized service and support from Online Tech’s technical team.


Rimage Solutions is the premier provider of web solutions for healthcare and legal industries. Our focus is on providing our clients with powerful, flexible and scalable software solutions that increase their operational efficiency, strengthen their customer relationships, and improve their productivity. Visit www.rimagesolutions.net for more information.

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