Michigan Multispecialty Physicians (MMP) – A HIPAA Compliant Data Center Case Study


As companies grow, information technology departments are faced with the challenge of growing their data center(s) with limited budgets and IT resources. Eventually data center operators must decide between upgrading their existing data centers, constructing a new data center or simply outsourcing to a managed data center provider. This was the case for Michigan Multispecialty Physicians (MMP).

“We were feeling the pains of a growing company and outstripping our data center capacity. We were facing electrical, heating and cooling issues as well as running out of physical space,” says Erik Yochum, Director of Information Technology for MMP. Servers were shutting down in the middle of the night and during the day.


In efforts to expand their data capacity and improve their availability, MMP selected Online Tech’s HIPAA compliant data center. Being in the healthcare industry, MMP must meet HIPAA requirements such as business continuity, IT disaster recovery, data security, and security access.


By outsourcing to Online Tech, MMP has upgraded to data centers that are HIPAA compliant. Online Tech delivers HIPAA compliant hosting that includes all of the physical and network security feature requirements that assures a medical health organization complies with the HIPAA privacy requirements. Online Tech also offers fully redundant power, network infrastructure, adequate heating and cooling and a high availability power architecture with no single point of failure in power delivery – assuring a high level of server uptime.

Outsourcing their data center has increased MMP’s revenue generating capability. The space that was originally used for their data center has now been changed to revenue generating office space. MMP has also seen an increase in ROI in their IT resources. Yochum states that he is now able to reassign staff allocations from system administrators and network administration to end user or development. They are able to provide faster responses to end users issues and develop faster, more complex solutions.

Other benefits MMP have seen are having access to an experienced and professional team and the ability to keep up with new technology without the hardware investment.


  • A HIPAA compliant data center using the latest technology without the hardware investment
  • Increased revenue generating capability and ROI for IT resources
  • A data center that offers high availability and an offsite IT disaster recovery solution.
  • Personalized service and support from Online Tech’s technical team.


Michigan Multispecialty Physicians is a surgical group of physicians specializing in neurology, general and vascular surgery, cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, urology, pathology and laboratory management, and pulmonary and critical care. MMP has offices in Ann Arbor, Canton, Howell, Saline, Brighton, Chelsea, Plymouth, and Ypsilanti. For more information, visit http://www.mmphealthcare.com.

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