Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company - A Disaster Recovery Case Study


Over the past three years, Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company has gone through a complete data center redesign. While going through the process, they determined that their existing IT disaster recovery plan did not meet their needs. Their IBM Disaster Recovery facility was too remote, had multiple failed recovery tests, and was slow to restore critical data from tape backup.

They wanted a data center that was on a different power grid but located within driving distance of their headquarters in Lansing, Michigan. In addition, they needed a SAS 70 certified data center that would safely store customer data and provide an environment they could restore critical systems quickly.

SAS 70 is a nationally recognized audit standard for evaluating the process and security control procedures across the data center that is required by Sarbanes-Oxley. The SAS 70 designation demonstrates that the data center has the proper controls and procedures around physical and network security, environmental controls, system availability and performance and confirms that those controls and procedures have been followed consistently over time.

During the RFP process, the Michigan Miller Information Technology team developed an IT disaster recovery plan. After reviewing the site plan, Online Tech’s technical experts made several recommendations resulting in significant savings and a streamlined project. “One of the reasons we selected Online Tech was the flexibility to design a solution that kept the scope and costs in line with our needs,” says Maria Jasinski, Vice President of Information Technology.


By partnering with Online Tech, Michigan Millers has access to SAS 70 certified data centers on different power grids with highly redundant cooling, network connections, and backup systems. They have virtualized 90% of their servers and have moved away from magnetic tape to electronic backup directly to Online Tech’s data center. In the event that their headquarters become compromised, Michigan Millers can resume operations from Online Tech’s data center with their data and applications ready to go.

“I feel I can lean on Online Tech as much or as little as we need,” says Katie Bye, Michigan Millers Network Systems Manager. “Although, Michigan Millers technical staff manages our environment within Online Tech’s SAS 70 data center, I know if circumstances out of my control were to happen, Online Tech’s technical team would be there to assist.”


Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance Company provides auto, homeowners, agribusiness insurance and a full range of property and casualty coverage for small and midsize businesses.

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