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In a previous position, Gavin Murphy helped a healthcare delivery nonprofit grow from a minimal annual revenue to over $100 million in just three years. Understanding and solving the operational bottlenecks that developed in that role convinced him that he could help other nonprofits to do the same.

Murphy and his wife, Mollie Murphy, co-founded Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Annkissam in 2007 to provide innovative, affordable technology solutions for mission-driven organizations, focusing on helping nonprofits and social enterprises navigate their data. They provide operations consulting, technology consulting, software development and hosting.


Murphy says non-profits are typically “receiving technology on the back-end of the curve.” Annkissam takes cutting edge technology to its clients to put them ahead of the curve.

“In the absence of that, it would have taken another five or 10 years for that technology to sort of trickle down and get to the organizations that we knew needed that technology,” he said.

Because many of Annkissam’s clients are in the healthcare field, they were well aware that all of those clients’ data must be fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

“What we build are web-based systems, so they need to run in a server-based environment,” Murphy said. “A big part of our ability to deliver these solutions to them was also the ability to continue to deliver it securely and through a data center that we had a good relationship with.”

Annkissam helps growing nonprofits develop custom software to organize everything they do. In healthcare, organizing data and related operations can be especially daunting with HIPAA privacy laws growing increasingly strict as well as the changes being brought online by the Affordable Care Act.


Annkissam partnered with Online Tech to make sure client data would be secure through its encrypted compliant cloud, making data safe and accessible, and within a year had transitioned more than 95 percent of its hosting to Online Tech. Not all data centers provide encryption for data at rest and/or encrypted offsite backup. Online Tech does, assuring that data is encrypted from end-to-end.

“It’s one thing to encrypt the data in transit, while it’s going across the wire,” Murphy said. “What you really want, though, … is you want the data encrypted on the server side (commonly called “data at rest”).

Although the standard is optional under the HIPAA rule, encrypting sensitive healthcare data at rest, in transit and while stored as backups is considered a best practice that can help organizations prevent data breaches. Encryption of data at rest comes automatically with every Online Tech cloud, which employs EMC’s VMAX SANs.

“Knowing that we take an important approach to security and that our partner, Online Tech, takes an important approach to security, that’s a big selling point for our clients,” Murphy said.

Murphy also notes that while other vendors seem to scramble for last-minute quick patches, Online Tech prides itself on staying ahead of an ever-changing environment, going to the root of problems.

“Our experience is great with Online Tech,” Murphy said. “They’re always looking for structural solutions rather than just plugging the dike. They don’t just treat the symptoms of a problem, they find the root cause and that’s a great approach.”


  • A HIPAA compliant data center and encrypted, enterprise-class cloud infrastructure without the hardware investment.
  • Third-party audit reports and other documentation necessary to do business in the highly-regulated healthcare industry.
  • A data center that offers high availability and an offsite IT disaster recovery solution.
  • Personalized service and support from Online Tech’s technical team.


Annkissam, founded in 2007, recognizes that each mission-driven organization is unique, with unique challenges, opportunities, and operations. Annkissam builds custom software systems that are tailored to fit an organization’s needs and budget. With most software products, an organization pays for features it doesn't need and doesn't get some of the features it truly wants. This can frustrate staff, curb efficiency and zap scarce resources. With custom software, the organization using the system defines exactly how it works. Visit for more information.

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