Partner Cloud

A cloud built specifically for solution partners

We encapsulate the true meaning of partnership with Online Tech's Partner Cloud. Focus on your core business--managing your servers--by letting us take care of the infrastructure for you.

With our Partner Cloud, you'll get your own v-center access where you can manage your clients’ VMs to your heart's content. We'll make sure the blades are operational, ensure VMware is running correctly, and issue an alert if your cloud storage is running low. Everything else we leave to your trusted hands.

Pick the cloud you want

Choose from private, multi-tenant or a hybrid mix, and have a full range of options for privacy and data control. If you really prefer to go it alone, choose our bare metal cloud where you manage the entire stack with no virtualization overhead. Whatever your desired level of management, we'll build the solution that makes it happen.

Get started now. Exceptional service awaits.