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Offsite Backup

Risking critical data and application loss can severely impact your bottom line, but preparation can reduce future recovery costs and decrease recovery times. Online Tech’s enterprise backup provides the highest level of protection with encrypted, offsite backup in a fully managed environment. Backed by our ongoing commitment to compliance, defense-in-depth approach to security, and high-availability infrastructure, you can sleep well knowing your data is completely protected.

Powered by EMC Avamar, the market leader in data center backup software, Online Tech’s backup solution is a powerful, fully managed and encrypted offsite backup.

Offsite Backup

Offsite Backup Key Features

File-level restoration:
Most backup needs relate to specific files. If you only have snapshots for backup, recovering a single file requires restoration of the entire server. Online Tech lets you recover files as needed, as a self-serve or with our assistance.
Offsite backup:
Service disruptions often affect an entire data center. You can’t protect data unless it is remote and offsite. Rest assured, your data will never leave Online Tech’s private network. No third party will contact your data.
End-to-end encryption:
Never expose your sensitive data. From initial encryption at the source, during transit through Online Tech’s private fiber network, to encryption at rest in the backup grid, your sensitive information is always protected.

All Your Backup Needs are Covered:

  • Offsite backup for physical and cloud servers
  • AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption
  • Online, real-time reporting of backup status
  • Self-serve file level restoration
  • Managed bare metal restoration
  • Choice of 6 daily backup windows
  • Automated daily data integrity validation
  • Deduplication for optimized backup windows
  • Managed backup failure resolution
  • Dedicated private backup network
  • HIPAA, PCI, SOC 2 & Safe Harbor audited
  • Backed by EMC / Avamar
  • Pay only for protected data

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Our offsite backup solution is:


A Company We Can Rely On

We had to find a company that we could rely on. For the last seven years, Online Tech has been able to provide reliability. DataMail was able to leverage everything that they had for a reasonable cost. We could never ever do this on our own.

- William Hayden, President & CEO, DataMail

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