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IT Disaster Recovery

An IT disaster recovery plan is critical to business continuity - a recent Gartner Group study reports that 40 percent of businesses that lose their data in a disaster go out of business within 5 years. In the event of a disaster, your company’s survival depends on the ability to replicate your IT systems and data. When your bottom line depends on uptime, continuous data protection and application availability are absolute essentials.

Our Advantage

Online Tech is your ideal IT disaster recovery service provider with our Michigan data centers uniquely situated 53 miles apart, directly connected with Gigabit fiber, and located on two separate power grids.

Online Tech's Michigan data centers are also situated in the most ideal location for year-round safe and secure hosting.

Michigan has an extremely low risk of all natural disasters, including earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes. From 1980 to 2009, Michigan experienced the lowest number of major natural disasters, second only to Alaska. Our solid ground means your servers are always available and always secure.

With a favorable, cool climate for most of the year, our data centers benefit from naturally ideal weather temperatures so they don't need to rely on powered cooling. As a result, our data centers are more cost-effective to run, and our clients benefit from our cost-savings.

Michigan Ideal for Disaster Recovery


Need help deploying an IT disaster recovery and data backup plan? Contact us today. 

Offsite Backup

Online Tech delivers a comprehensive range of IT disaster recovery solutions to meet your budget and recovery time objectives (RTO), starting with offsite backup as the baseline for data protection. We provide a superior client experience with full file level restoration from our backups.

Whether you’re using colocation, managed servers, or cloud computing, you can back up your data offsite to another Online Tech data center for a simple monthly fee.

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Disaster recovery options open up for our cloud computing clients. Our managed cloud and private cloud clients can replicate their entire environment to a disaster recovery cloud with no special configuration or programming with our comprehensive disaster recovery solution. DR Now! delivers 4 hour recovery time objective (RTO) and 12 hour recovery point objective (RPO). 

Benefits of Cloud-based Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery in the cloud is the latest and most reliable solution that also happens to cost less than half of the production environment. It’s considered more reliable because the entire hosted cloud (including servers, software, network configuration and security) are replicated to an offsite disaster recovery cloud.

Plus, it’s faster – recovering your servers, apps and data into a cold site environment is entirely replaced by only a few clicks to spin up the replicated servers. Online Tech’s disaster recovery cloud solution (DR Now!) has a warranted 4 hour recovery time objective, specifying the worst case availability in case of a disaster. Our SAS 70SSAE 16 (SOC 1) and SOC 2 audited data centers prove we follow standardized processes to cut down on human error and power, network, hardware and software failure.

SAN-to-SAN Replication 

Our most advanced and comprehensive disaster recovery option allows our private cloud clients to leverage our SAN-to-SAN replication for even faster recovery times and a solution that can failback gracefully to production once the disaster event is over. 

All of our IT disaster recovery solutions are:


IT Disaster Recovery Design

Online Tech made several cost savings and efficiency recommendations that streamlined the project, were significant in reducing the scope of the project, and ultimately Michigan Millers expense.

- Maria Jasinski, VP of IT, Michigan Millers Mutual Insurance

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