Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster recovery at the enterprise level

Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (OT DRaaS) changes the strategy of disaster recovery for your business. Instead of restoring from backup to a cold site, your critical systems are available within minutes with OT DRaaS.

We take the complexity that comes with constructing, operating, testing and maintaining a disaster recovery infrastructure and make it simple with DRaaS. Your business continuity is all backed by our enterprise-grade services and support.


Disaster Recovery as a Service key features

Short RPOs and fast RTOs

With regular testing, achieve an RPO and RTO that’s measured in minutes, not hours. OT DRaaS allows you to begin your recovery process in minutes so you can get back to business as soon as possible.

Fast RPOs

ot draas rpo diagram

Fast RTOs

ot draas rto diagram

Performance and protection without interruption

OT DRaaS protects your data by capturing every write-to-disk at the hypervisor level without sacrificing the performance or security of your data. No agents on your machines means no added threat to the security of your data while in transit or at rest. Your application continues to run as it did before, just with added peace of mind.

Track your testing

OT DRaaS helps you stay up to date with testing your recovery process, whether it’s mandated for compliance reasons or simply as a best practice. The system tracks all tests for you, lets you know when it’s time to test again and makes it easy to test whenever you want.

White glove support with self-serve ease of use

We’ll help you configure your replication and recovery, then manage and monitor it for you year-round. But you’ll always have a full view into your protection, and with our self-serve capabilities, you can initiate a test or failover at the click of a button. If you do fail over, we’ll know about it immediately and be ready to support you and ensure your infrastructure is up and running.

Secure and encrypted

Your data is always encrypted, both in transit and at rest, keeping your confidential information safe and secure. It’s now easier than ever to comply with financial or healthcare regulations.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

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