Data Protection as a Service

Offsite backup with a little extra

Go beyond your traditional backup strategy with Data Protection as a Service. Restore your large files faster and more frequently, with no proprietary deduplication of data. Your most valuable asset is stored in its native format, meaning it can be retrieved from anywhere without any special software needed to restore it. We'll keep it in the cloud for you so you can not only access it from wherever you are, but decouple yourself from specific hardware needs.

Fresh data faster

Erase accidents or power failures in the click of a button, thanks to an additional local backup at your production site. Simply select your backup window and recover instantly when needed. You decide if you want a physical or virtual copy.

Tailored backup windows

Choose how often you want to back up your data, whether it's once a day, every four hours, or hourly. No matter which window you choose, our team will be there to monitor and manage your backups for you. Combine your protection with Disaster Recovery as a Service to achieve the ultimate business and data continuity solution.

Get started now. Exceptional service awaits.