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Benefits of HIPAA Compliant Hosting

How can your organization benefit from HIPAA compliant hosting? Aside from avoiding costly potential HIPAA violations, you can be sure your health information stays secure with Online Tech’s Michigan data centers.

More importantly, your data is always available for private access whenever you or your patients need it, as regulated by the HITECH Act. You can spend more time worrying about the health of patients, and less time worrying about the health of your IT infrastructure.

Other benefits of hosting protected health information (PHI) with Online Tech include:

  • Use of data centers that offer high availability and offsite IT disaster recovery solutions.
  • A unique disaster recovery advantage with multiple data centers situated over 50 miles apart and supplied by two separate commercial power grids.
  • Save capital costs by outsourcing IT infrastructure instead of building your own data center - Online Tech’s data centers already have appropriate cooling, power and redundancy in place.
  • Able to comply with HIPAA data privacy requirements with Online Tech’s SAS 70, SSAE 16, and HIPAA compliant data centers.
  • Personalized service than larger managed data center providers with primary support directly from Online Tech’s certified technical team.
  • HIPAA compliant colocation with high availability power and offsite backup options.
  • HIPAA compliant managed dedicated servers with fully managed services.
  • HIPAA compliant clouds with fully managed services.
  • Other managed services including 24x7 monitoring, operating system upgrades and complete management of any server issue that might arise.

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Recommended Reading:

  • HIPAA FAQ - A great overview of questions you might have about HIPAA hosting and our recommended and required technologies used to protect ePHI.
  • HIPAA Glossary of Terms - A comprehensive glossary of basic HIPAA terms to define the key phrases you need to understand HIPAA compliance today.
  • Five Questions to Ask Your HIPAA Hosting Provider - The top questions you need to ask to do your due diligence as a covered entity.
  • Who Needs to be HIPAA Compliant? - An overview of who needs to meet HIPAA compliance to avoid severe penalties for a data breach.
  • What is a HIPAA Violation? - Specific violation types and associated minimum/maximum penalties, real HIPAA violation cases, and tips on how to avoid a data breach.

HIPAA Compliant Data Centers

By outsourcing our data center, we have increased our revenue generating capability and ROI. I can reassign staff to provide faster responses to end user issues and develop faster, more complex solutions.

- Erik Yochum, Director of IT, MMP

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