Physical Security

Physical security is a basic but critical layer of security your hosting provider must hold to the highest standards in order to lower your organization's risk, meet compliance standards, and prevent unauthorized access to IT infrastructure.

The physical security of our data centers is only one measure of safeguards independently audited on an ongoing basis with annual reporting to verify we have successfully implemented strong access control measures to protect our infrastructure. Physical security means only authorized personnel should have limited access to locked server racks, suites and cages.

All of our cloud hosting data centers require two-factor authentication for building access, including keycard logging and biometric identification. All visitors are required to sign in, wear badges, and follow proprietary security procedures. Our environmental controls include 24/7 monitoring, logged surveillance cameras, and multiple alarm systems. In addition, we make it a priority to know our clients and to inquire if we see a new face. It's good business, and good security.

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