Your Complete Security Toolkit

Infrastructure: Network security

Protecting sensitive information and mission-critical applications is an essential and ongoing effort requiring coordinated partnership and a proactive approach to reducing risk by all parties.

We employ a defensive, in-depth approach to security with safeguards that encompass all of our people, processes, and technologies. We assess our security monitoring, capabilities, and responses on an ongoing basis to ensure we are keeping up with the evolving cybersecurity landscape. We proactively turn away prospects who request resources consistent with spamming or other unethical activities and work with clients with sensitive data to make sure they are taking adequate security precautions. Our choice of architecture includes technologies such as default encryption in our cloud and offsite backup and recovery solutions. This is consistent with our culture of compliance to keep data safe, secure, and private.

Administrative Security

Equally important as ensuring the physical and technical security of your data environment, administrative security addresses the business-facing concerns of partnering with a third-party hosting provider. We can provide the administrative security you need in the form of contractual requirements, staff training and documented policies and procedures.

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Physical Security

We undergo annual penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and independent auditing against the most current PCI DSS compliance standards to ensure cardholder data remains protected. Don't take our word for it; ask for the audit report or consult the VISA list to give you confidence that your PCI hosting partner can protect consumer information.

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Technical Security

What originated as the AICPA's SAS 70 audit has now evolved to the SSAE 16 or SOC 1 audit report. This report allows an organization to specify the controls they wish to be audited against. We take it one step further with the SOC 2 audit and standardized expectations for protecting digital data to ensure sensitive data is appropriately controlled. If you are subject to financial reporting regulations, don't settle for anything less than business partners that will share evidence of an independent auditor's opinion of their SOC 2 controls to prove compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

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