PCI-Compliant Clouds

Cardholder data can be secure in the cloud and more available, especially when you know the physical location of your data and have proof all of the appropriate data security safeguards are in place.

Secure PCI clouds

Our PCI clouds have security built into the core with AES 256-bit encryption that meets the NIST standard offered at the hardware level. However, these extra measurements won't affect your application performance. We carry this commitment to encrypting all cloud data all the way to our offsite backup and disaster recovery locations, so your data remains safe in transit, at rest, and in offsite backup storage. Our complete security toolkit includes antivirus, patch management, daily (human) log review, file integrity monitoring, web application firewall, and vulnerability scanning for the ultimate in secure hosting to meet PCI DSS standards.

Compliant PCI clouds

As a hosting partner staunchly dedicated to protecting consumer data, we train our workforce regularly and receive meticulous, independent annual auditing against many compliance standards, including PCI DSS. VISA has approved us as a vendor, and we understand our responsibility to monitor and report any suspicious activity that might jeopardize sensitive data. Come see our commitment to compliance with an onsite visit to any one of our five Midwest data centers, and feel confident your cloud is in safe hands.

High-availability PCI clouds

For eCommerce applications, any downtime can put your money and reputation in jeopordy. Rest easy though, knowing your PCI clouds reside in our high-availability, N+1 infrastructure with several providers for power, network and Internet. Add to that the physical location of our five Midwest data centers in an area known for its low risk of natural disaster, and you have the security needed to focus less on your IT infrastructure and more on your organization's core mission. Putting your eCommerce applications in our cloud gives you more flexibility with meeting the requirements of offsite backup, and more importantly, more realistic disaster recovery options when the unexpected happens. Whether you are looking for business continuity or scalability for your servers, we'll work with your team to find the best fit for your applications.

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