HIPAA Compliant Managed Servers

Protect your healthcare applications with fully managed servers hosted in a high-availability environment and watched over by staff trained in compliance and security to ensure all of the appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards are in place.


We own and operate all of our data centers with security-minded staff who make sure access is tightly controlled with a layered approach to security that includes training, policies, and technologies. We value getting to know our clients well and are proactive to investigate any unusual activity. We'll work with you to make sure your infrastructure lowers the risk to your organization of unwarranted physical or technical access. We'll be your first line of defense to investigate anything abnormal with your server and first responders for any required remediation.


As a Business Associate dedicated to protecting patient data, we train all of our staff regularly and undergo rigorous, independent annual auditing against many compliance standards, including the OCR HIPAA Audit protocol, SOC 2, PCI DSS, and Safe Harbor. We sign Business Associate Agreements in a timely fashion, and understand our responsibility to monitor and report any suspicious activity that might jeopardize patient data. You could say we live and breathe compliance; it's a culture, not a checkbox. We invite you to come experience our dedication to compliance with an onsite visit to any one of our five Midwest data centers. You'll sleep better knowing who's watching over your servers.


For some healthcare applications, lives are literally on the line. Your servers will reside in our high-availability, fully redundant infrastructure with multiple feeds for power, network, and internet service providers. The physical location of your patient data will be inside one of our geographically safe data centers in the Midewest, an area with historically low risks of natural disaster. Leverage our other geographically remote data centers for more options to meet offsite backup requirements. More importantly, gain more recovery options with our infrastructure when the unexpected happens. Whether you are improving your offsite backup and disaster recovery or moving your healthcare production applications all the way to the top of the high-availability spectrum by adding technologies like replication, we'll help you evaluate the options and find the most appropriate match for your applications.

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