Technology Century: Online Tech Will Open Westland Data Center Soon

Online Tech has evolved from being Michigan’s original internet service provider into a major Midwest data center operator. It has two data centers in the Ann Arbor area — one with 10,500 square feet of space (7,000 square feet of raised-floor data rack space), another with 19,500 square feet of space (10,000 square feet raised floor). Then, it purchased a former General Motors-EDS data center outside Flint, with 32,500 square feet of total space, 22,500 raised-floor.

Now, it’s refurbishing a former Sprint-Nextel data center in Westland, an area that’s easily accessed off I-275 and I-96 (once the latter is reconstructed). When it opens in August, it’ll be the biggest Online Tech data center yet — 34,500 square feet under roof, more than three-quarters of an acre, and 18,000 square feet of raised floor space, in four separate rooms.

Online Tech is building out one of the bigger raised floor rooms, 5,500 square feet, to house its first Westland customers. It will offer two other 5,500-square-foot raised-floor rooms to large individual clients or for shared space, depending on demand.

Why move eastward from Ann Arbor? “We saw a lot of need for our client base to get a better presence closer to the city of Detroit and Oakland County,” Online Tech co-CEO Mike Klein said during a tour of the data center Friday.

The 15-year-old building will offer office space for emergency response and hot-site backup teams and a wide array of redundant services for disaster recovery.

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