Mission Critical: Online Tech Releases Managed Disaster Recovery Solution

June 16, 2014: Online Tech's disaster recovery solution is designed to eliminate the surprise of “stranded backups" reports Mission Critical.

A number of studies over the past decade have shown businesses that suffered major data loss as the result of a disaster never fully recovered. The majority shuttered their doors within two years of the incident. Many organizations diligently backup critical systems to a remote location to avoid a similar fate, but the realities of recovery inevitably incur unanticipated delays and complexities. The result? Stranded data.

“Regardless of whether a company accomplishes offsite backup through the Internet or physical offsite data storage, the unfortunate truth is that they are really only using a backup solution,” said Yan Ness, Co-CEO of Online Tech. “Organizations overlook the ‘recovery’ half of backup and recovery, which can severely compromise the business. They are forced to wait helplessly for new IT infrastructure, or give up after repeated restoration failures, as their operations and revenue grind to a halt.”

Online Tech’s new enterprise disaster recovery solution accounts for the “recovery” portion of disaster recovery, with the options of restoring services either at the client’s facility if data can be moved quickly enough, or immediately with Online Tech’s cloud infrastructure. This means companies can restore key business functions and revenue streams while repairing or replacing their in-house servers and software.

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