Data Center Knowledge: Online Tech Bets On Detroit Resurgence With New Data Center

June 27, 2014: Jason Verge reports Online Tech completes build out of high-end enterprise-class data center in the Great Lakes.

Online Tech seeks out high-end idle corporate assets in the Great Lakes region and turns them into enterprise-class infrastructure for the middle market. Its latest acquisition is a Westland, Michigan, data center in the Detroit metro area.

It is a former Sprint-Nextel facility that the company has invested in and upgraded to provide premier colocation and cloud services to the area’s businesses. The 34,000 square foot data center is set to open August 1, with customers already touring the property.

Detroit is not exactly known as a flourishing economy, but Online Tech, as well as demographic data, suggest a resurgence. The company has already had success in both Flint and Ann Arbor, Michigan, and in Detroit it is making another bet on a comeback.

Online Tech’s now has five data centers in the Midwest, including the recently announced Indianapolis data center, and plans to continue expanding into new markets in the Great Lakes region.

The Westland facility itself was quite attractive to OnlineTech. “Sprint-Nextel built a heck of a building, a building within a building, really,” said Yan Ness, OnlineTech’s co-CEO. “It wasn’t designed for multi-tenant, but that’s what we do.”

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