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High Availability Server Hosting

Using a High Availability (HA) architecture can greatly reduce the risk of losing revenue and customers due to a loss of internet connectivity or loss or power. Online Tech’s infrastructure is built to provide high availability hosting:

  • Power from separate utility providers
  • Multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs)
  • N+1 cooling, generators, batteries
  • Remote offsite backup

Watch a video on What is High Availability?:

Watch a video on How to Configure a High Availability Rack:

Our high availability hosting architecture is more than just the Cisco-based, high-performance hardware we put into it. It is the ongoing design, build, management, protection and support of a highly reliable and secure IP network – a network we continually improve for greater resiliency, security and scalability. 

Each of Online Tech’s data centers are served with dual Gigabit fiber connections over diverse paths. The data centers are interconnected with dedicated Gigabit fiber for Internet traffic failover and routing of backup and disaster recovery data between data centers.

With four Internet Service Providers (ISPs), our network automatically fails over between providers and network circuits should an anomaly occur. Each data center uses dual, redundant Cisco core routers and switches with automatic failover to ensure that your network is always connected and your servers are always online.

So what does this mean for your business? Our network infrastructure delivers 100 percent uptime, high availability hosting with “interruption free” maintenance on core devices, and high speed data transmission between your production and disaster recovery environments.

Other unique factors of our high availability network infrastructure include:

  • Every client is placed on their own private VLAN, isolating each client from all other clients’ equipment.
  • Each client is protected by our Fortinet hardware firewall and universal threat management that includes IDS/IPS, DOS, DDOS, and zero-day protection at no additional cost.
  • Warm site failover capability with high speed data replication and synchronization of your production servers at one data center with your disaster recovery servers at our other data center 53 miles away.
  • A duplicate test lab with the same routers, switches, and security appliances used at each data center – to test upgrades and patches, train engineers, and test new products before we deploy them on the production network.
  • High availability Internet is delivered to all clients via deployment on dual routers using GLBP Cisco protocol and our clients can even request multiple network drops to their servers.
  • 24x7 monitoring and issue resolution that includes more than 100 aspects of each network device from multiple “probes” on the network and securely from managed probes across the Internet.

Need high speed access to one of our data centers?

OTConnect provides a direct fiber or copper circuit between your location and our data centers to allow for rapid data replication from your production data center to our data center for disaster recovery.

Need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection?

We offer secure VPN connectivity for secure remote access to your servers in our data centers.

Watch a video on How to Configure a High Availability Rack:


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