Online Tech Presents at Columbus Data Connectors Event

Online Tech Presents at Columbus Data Connectors Event

May 22, 2014 8:45 am

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Quest Conference Centers

Jason Yaeger, Online Tech's Director of Product Management, will be speaking at the Columbus Data Connectors event held on May 22nd. Data Connectors tech security conferences focus on important tech security products and services. The security focus in these sessions ranges from email, mobile, VoIP, or networking, to infrastructure or compliance. No matter what your focus (or location), Data Connectors will have an event near you filled with relevant security information. 

If you'll be at the Columbus Data Connectors event, don't forget to check out Jason's talk:

Jason Yaeger

Securing the Cloud in a Regulated World

Jason Yaeger - Director of Product Management, Online Tech 

Securing the cloud for one organization is hard enough. A cloud architecture that can fit within the performance, security, and compliance constraints across many organizations and industries requires a few novel approaches - and investments. For one, a positive partnership with auditors. Second, security and compliance driven culture, not checkboxes. Third, serious technology investments to enable key functions like encryption and remote backup to play nicely together. This presentation will share a behind the scenes look into the architectural decisions behind a cloud capable of protecting sensitive data in the healthcare, banking, and other regulated industries.

The event will be at the Quest Conference Centers, 8405 Pulsar Place in Columbus. Online Tech will also be exhibiting at the event, presenting our secure hosting solutions, ranging from colocation to encrypted enterprise clouds. For more information about the Data Connectors Columbus event, or to register, please visit


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