Indy Big Data Conference

Indy Big Data Conference

May 07, 2015 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

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Indiana Convention Center

There is no question that big data is big business these days and that a lot of people are talking about this – the latest buzzword in the tech space. But what they are asking themselves more privately is, what does big data mean to me and my business and how can I possibly profit from another item on my big – and ever growing – to do list?
These and the solutions to many other big data challenges is what the Indy Big Data Conference seeks to provide. Big data is generally defined as data sets so big or volumes of data so deep that they can’t possibly be navigated by your everyday data management tools.
Online Tech's Director of Infrastructure, Nick Lumsden, will be presenting Cloud 007: Speed, Secrecy, and Survival.  Here's a brief summary on his presentation on Thursday at 2:00 PM.
A great cloud for big data shares the same characteristics as a great secret agent: excellent speed, secrecy, and survival skills. Learn how new cloud infrastructure options facilitate performance without sacrificing privacy and security, help organizations pivot quickly, and keep resources readily available for critical missions. Don´t let your infrastructure be the spectre of inefficiency or bottlenecks - attend this session to learn how big data applications can realistically put cloud to use. You´ll never say never to cloud again. Online Tech will also be exhibiting at the show to answer any of your questions.

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