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New Ann Arbor Michigan Data Center

Ann Arbor Michigan Data Center

Our newest Ann Arbor data center is located south of Ann Arbor, Michigan in Avis Park. With close proximity to major highways and the University of Michigan, this facility offers an ideal location for high availability production and disaster recovery.

The 19,500 square feet facility includes 10,000 square feet of 18” raised floor and offers high availability fiber Internet connectivity, and high availability heating and cooling systems. It also offers geographic separation from our Mid-Michigan facility, providing diversified utility and network feeds, perfect for production and disaster recovery projects.

Detailed specifications include:


  • Dual Cummins 937.5 KVA diesel generators with 72-hour capacity until refueled
  • Dual Eaton 300 KVA UPS battery backup system provides 100% clean and conditioned power
  • 1,500 KVA transformer utility feed
  • Multiple Liebert PDUs with static transfer switches
  • High availability power runs diverse power paths to each server

Network Infrastructure

  • Multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs) with diverse fiber feeds into the data center
  • Redundant Gigabit network provides 10GB capacity on-demand
  • Private Gigabit connection for data replication to Online Tech’s Mid-Michigan data center 53 miles away
  • High availability dual Cisco-powered network provides redundant network connections to the server


  • All critical equipment is 2N with full redundancy across core network and security systems
  • FM200 and dual-stage dry pipe sprinkler system with double interlock pre-action zoned valve control
  • Biometric and real factor door access controls with numeric code authentication
  • 24x7 client controlled access to the colocation space
  • Power equipment, network infrastructure and network operations equipment are segregated in locked rooms or cages with no customer access
  • Exterior and Interior digital video surveillance with 24x7 recording activity

Cooling Capacity

  • Over 116 tons of cooling capacity, with Liebert air handlers

Independently audited

To learn more, download our Ann Arbor 2 data center datasheet or contact us today.


Top-Notch Security

We’re looking for a strong Michigan company with top-notch security. We required a SAS 70 certification, HIPAA knowledge for our medical facilities and clients because we have already some hospitals on our system, and competent staffing with multiple backup facilities, internal and off-site.

- Alex Brunner, CEO, VersaIMAGE

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