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PCI Compliant Data Centers

If your company is storing, transmitting or processing any credit cardholder data, make sure the data center that hosts your data meets PCI compliance. Online Tech’s PCI compliant hosting can provide the physical, environmental, network and infrastructure security you need to protect sensitive cardholder data and meet PCI DSS compliance standards.

PCI Compliant Physical Security
Online Tech’s physical security means only authorized personnel have limited access to clients’ private locked racks, suites and cages. Security administration is also required for each client with dual-identification control access to the data centers and colocation racks. We maintain environmental control with 24x7 monitoring, logged surveillance, and multiple alarm systems to alert us to any disruptions.

PCI Compliant Network Security
Sensitive infrastructure, such as managed dedicated servers, cloud servers, power and network infrastructure are also protected by restricted access. Our redundant routers, switches and paired universal threat management devices meet PCI compliance requirements to protect sensitive information on our network. With a Virtual Private Firewall or Dedicated Firewall, our Intrusion Detection Service (IDS) can pinpoint any security breaches and notify us immediately for responsive action.

PCI Compliant Technical Security

Find out what your security toolkit should include, and which components you need to fulfill PCI compliant hosting requirements. From Daily Log Review to File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), you need each security service to guard against online attacks and secure your cardholder data. Read about PCI Technical Security Services.

As your managed data center operator, Online Tech never accesses your sensitive data; we only provide a secure infrastructure and high availability hosting within SAS 70, SSAE 16 (SOC 1) and SOC 2 audited facilities.

High Availability Infrastructure
To ensure uninterrupted availability of protected health information, our fully redundant networks and power are built for automatic failover, guaranteeing your critical data and applications are always accessible. Our Michigan data centers are interconnected by Gigabit fiber and located 52 miles apart with multiple Internet Service Providers (ISPs), providing an ideal infrastructure for data backup and disaster recovery plans, meaning your cardholder data will be recoverable even in the event of a disaster.

PCI Compliant Data CentersLooking for more information on PCI hosting requirements, recommendations, and the foundation of a secure PCI compliant data center?
Download our PCI Compliant Hosting white paper now for a complete guide to PCI hosting with IT vendors.
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PCI Compliant Cloud Hosting

They have been there before. They know what was required and they had the team members to put the project together. It was the whole package that made this an easy decision.

- Dean Scaros, President, Pay-Ease

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