About Online Tech

Online Tech vs Everybody (else)

We believe there is a better way to work, communicate and contribute to the greater good. You should be free to pursue your transformation ambitions, and that's why we work harder than everybody else to provide the industry's most secure hybrid and multi-cloud solutions to service providers, channel partners and enterprise clients alike. Here's how we help accelerate businesses:

Expect the exceptional

At Online Tech, every action is driven by a desire to exceed expectations for our clients and deliver exceptional results. That means calling ourselves out at daily company meetings where we review clients’ exceptional – and unexceptional experiences. It also means proactively alerting clients of our events through our global broadcast system, so clients can rest assured that we’re on it. We’re not satisfied with being “good enough;” rather, we strive to make exceptional experiences the rule, not the exception.

Passionate service

Every employee at Online Tech is trained to make our clients their top priority, ensuring win-win, client-first outcomes, and we accept nothing less. Whether it’s our dedicated technical account managers or client-focused support engineers, every employee is determined to provide the highest quality service possible. That passion shines through, thanks to our consistent Net Promoter Score of 90 or higher, which proves our team works harder, delves deeper and exceeds expectations more than anyone else in the industry. That’s why we’re not surprised to hear grateful tales from our clients about team members going above and beyond. From the support engineer who resolved a complex network configuration as he was wheeled into surgery to when our cloud team helped a client with their fussy printer problems, our passion for great service leads directly to delivering the exceptional experiences our clients deserve.

Partnerships built on mutual foundation

The best partnerships occur when two complementary, best-of-breed partners each strive to meet each other more than halfway. We do our part with one of the most financially competitive channel programs in the industry, with a focus on partner needs. From our zero-conflict channel promise to our partner-centric product portfolio and dedicated sales and joint marketing resources, every aspect of our channel program is designed to make you the most successful you can be. We believe in win-win deals that are naturally sustainable, serving as a magnet to further relationships. Plus, they're just more fun!

Complete compliance and security coverage

We understand that your data is a valuable currency that demands protection and instant availability. We also understand that security and compliance are complex beasts that require careful handling. That's why we embody strong security and compliance practices into our people, processes and technologies. We employ a defense-in-depth-approach that encompasses administrative, physical and technical safeguards to protect your data three ways. We were the first 100% HIPAA compliant cloud provider in the US, so we’ve been doing this longer than anyone out there. When it comes to data integrity, we’re here to help keep it secure and compliant with whatever regulations you require. We’ve got your back.

A perfect portal

OK, nothing is ever perfect. But our portal is pretty close. And when you use our portal, you’ll find a deeper level of visibility and control than you’ll see anywhere else. Combine that visibility with single pane of glass management and self-service options across your entire environment, and you have a recipe for deeper insight into your systems, streamlined operations and increased productivity. In other words, a recipe for success.

Get started now. Exceptional service awaits.