Cloud Cost

SprawlGuard® Protection

SprawlGuard® technology is a unique, powerful tool specifically designed around cost containment to help you control and manage your public cloud spend. You define precise cost centers, and watch SprawlGuard® technology employ advanced usage analysis on a daily basis.

Simplified Billing

Tired of long and confusing bills from your public cloud provider? SprawlGuard® technology summarizes your bill into easy-to-understand categories so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Sprawl Protection

We make visible the changes in your spend and how it impacts your cloud cost outlook so that you can see potential sprawl as workloads come online. That means more cost optimization and total control over your environment.

Optimized Workloads

We analyze your environment for over-allocated, forgotten, or non-persistent workloads and alert you to them. Then we provide a predictive model of how much sprawl you could incur that month.

“We're really excited that Online Tech is leading the pack when it comes to hybrid cloud. This new service will allow us to easily manage both our public and private cloud and give us the support we need to meet the growing demands of our health care quality reporting business.”
Scott Larsen, Chief Technology Officer
Mingle Analytics

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