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Enterprise Cloud Hosting

For applications that require high-demand resources and a completely isolated infrastructure, choose the enterprise cloud - your own virtual data center. With a completely dedicated SAN and Dell blade chassis, this configuration provides all the compute, memory and performance needed to support mission-critical applications and data while providing security with encryption of data at rest and in transit.

The enterprise cloud infrastructure features dedicated Dell blade chassis and servers as well as redundant switches.

Recommended for: Healthcare applications (EHR); highly secure dedicated hardware systems; businesses that need custom backup windows; disk-based database software; highly transactional database servers (ecommerce websites); businesses with requirements for physical data separation and dedicated compute resources and more.

Enterprise Cloud Features

  • Encryption of data at rest & in transit
  • Fully redundant components    
  • Dedicated chassis, servers, SAN and disk drives
  • Offers complete cloud control & security
  • Ideal for large companies with mission-critical applications
  • Cloud disaster recovery with DR Now! available
  • High availability network, power and data center design

Enterprise Cloud Specs

  • 80GB per second iSCSI SAN Fabric
  • Tiered storage - SAS/SATA/SSD
  • 10/40 GBPs Network Switching
  • SIOC (Storage I/O Control)
  • NIOC (Network I/O Control)

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They have been there before. They know what was required and they had the team members to put the project together. It was the whole package that made this an easy decision.

- Dean Scaros, President, Pay-Ease

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