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Managed Cloud Hosting Package

Multi-Tenant Cloud

Our multi-tenant cloud features encryption of data at rest and in transit, made possible by our EMC VMAX SAN infrastructure. Backed by our ongoing commitment to compliance and our full suite of technical security tools, you can achieve the ultimate layered security solution to protect sensitive data and applications.

With Dell blade chassis and servers, as well as redundant switches, our multi-tenant cloud features faster deployment and standardization.

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Multi-Tenant Cloud Features


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Private Cloud

With our private cloud, you can gain the dedicated benefits of all the resources you need - all of your compute, memory and disk performance is completely dedicated to your organization. Experience encryption of data at rest and in transit without sacrificing performance.

The private cloud infrastructure also features dedicated Dell blade servers, redundant switches, and an EMC VMAX SAN.

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Private Cloud Hosting Features


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Hybrid Cloud Hosting Package

Enterprise Cloud

For applications that require high-demand resources and a completely isolated infrastructure, choose the enterprise cloud - your own virtual data center. With a completely dedicated SAN and Dell blade chassis, this configuration provides all the compute, memory and performance needed to support mission-critical applications and data while providing security with encryption of data at rest and in transit.

The enterprise cloud infrastructure features dedicated Dell blade chassis and servers as well as redundant switches.

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Enterprise Cloud Features


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HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting

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