Clouds of all shapes and sizes

No matter what size or type of cloud you need, we offer a variety of options to fit your business. We'll work with you to architect the perfect solution that automatically comes with high security without affecting performance, so your data is easily available yet solidly protected. All of our clouds are backed by our 24/7/365 expert support.

Managed public cloud hosting

Avoid the complexity of managing your public cloud environment yourself. We've partnered with Microsoft Azure® to help you better manage your costs and focus on your core business.

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Virtual private cloud hosting

Adhere to compliance requirements without the cost of extra hardware with our virtual private cloud hosting. You can add storage, networking or compute resources as you need them or reconfigure your existing resources how and when you want to.


Dedicated private cloud hosting

Get complete data privacy and peace of mind with hardware, networking and storage components dedicated solely to your organization. Your sensitive information is completely isolated from other parties and you have complete visibility about how the data is handled.

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Hybrid Cloud with SprawlGuard®

Get to the cloud in just a few clicks, and optimize your workloads across our hybrid cloud and control your cloud spend with SprawlGuard® protection. Combine any of our cloud hosting options to create the unique hybrid environment that perfectly fits your business.

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